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George MartinWelcome to the new festivalne.com! I’m George Martin I work as an event organizer, I experience to organize a festival event so this inspires me to establish this site. In year 2014, I started to set up this website based on what I’ve been experiencing. The goal of this is to provide and give to you all the details about the festivals in the U.K. There are many interesting things about the happenings of that event that you will enjoy.

As mentioned from my posts, here’s a sample of what you could read:

Stonehenge developed as the most important free celebration after the rough concealment of the Windsor Free Festival, in August 1974, and the absence of achievement in finding a permanent home for the People’s Free Festival, after Watchfield 1975. The festival was a celebration of different cultures, specifically neo-paganism. Sid Rawles’ lean to people and the Wallys were outstanding counter culture actively present people and groups, for example, Hawkwind and Gong played for free.

Here you can know all of that and also in this site, you can see and be updated with all the upcoming festival events in the U.K. That event is open for everyone so everyone can attend and go there to experience the enjoyment of that celebration. For more information you want to know you can contact or visit us in our office Festival Ne, LLC in 6208 Paragon Pl, Richmond, VA 23230.

With that all said you always visit this site, bookmark it or simply reach us here:

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